Inside GF

Highlights 2016

01/03 Kick-off for Strategy 2020

The year 2016 marked the start of a new chapter at GF: Strategy 2020. In order to grow profitably over the next five years, the company aims to expand into growth markets, shift the portfolio of the divisions into higher-margin businesses and drive sales and innovation excellence. By 2020, the objective is to achieve a turnover in the CHF 4.5 to 5 billion range (at constant currency levels) whilst maintaining a high profitability level.

04/05 GF Piping Systems is growing in South East Asia

Thanks to the acquisition of PT Eurapipe Solutions Indonesia, the division GF Piping Systems has strengthened its position in South East Asia. The acquired company, located in Karawang, east of Jakarta, has a strong reputation as a producer of high-quality pipes and fittings made of polyethylene.

11/05 GF Machining Solutions acquires specialist for micro-machining

The division GF Machining Solutions expanded its technology portfolio by acquiring Microlution Inc. This Chicago-based, innovative company is specialized in five-axis milling and femtosecond laser for drilling holes and the micro-machining of small parts.

Precision parts for watches: the femtosecond laser technology leads into a new era of micro-machining.

01/08 New Head of GF Piping Systems

As of 1 August 2016, Joost Geginat took over the lead of GF Piping Systems. The new Head of the division is a German citizen and succeeded Pietro Lori, who retired after almost 30 years at GF. Joost Geginat has a broad international experience as a strategic and operational consultant in various industries.

01/09 New state-of-the-art production line for GF Automotive

On 1 September 2016 the iron foundry of GF Automotive in Singen (Germany) has started the commissioning of a new cutting-edge molding line. The state-of-the-art line has a capacity of 100ʼ000 tons of iron castings per year and will be fully operational in the course of 2017. The automated production and the high mold precision open up new opportunities for manufacturing modern lightweight components for trucks. 

21/09 Technology Day: innovations for attractive business segments

Every three years, GF holds a Technology Day in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, to present the trends and technologies of the future. At Technology Day 2016, all three divisions presented innovations that will lead to profitable growth in attractive business segments. The focus was on the latest developments in the fields of cooling in buildings, e-mobility and laser technology. 

Major orders from renowned customers

Over the course of the year, GF received several major orders from renowned customers. In spring, GF Machining Solutions secured large orders for high-end milling machines with a value of USD 35 million. In July and September, GF Automotive entered into new agreements with European automotive manufacturers, amounting to EUR 84 million for the production of lightweight car components and EUR 77 million for the production of battery housings for hybrid vehicles.