Compensation at a glance

Compensation for the Board of Directors

Compensation model

In order to ensure independence in their supervisory function, the Members of the Board of Directors receive fixed compensation only, delivered in cash and shares blocked for five years. 






Board Membership


CHF 70’000



Board Chairmanship


CHF 200’000



Board Vice-Chairmanship 1


CHF 22’500



Audit Committee Chairmanship


CHF 80’000



Audit Committee Membership


CHF 30’000



Other Committee Chairmanship


CHF 40’000



Other Committee Membership


CHF 20’000



1 As of 18 April 2019, the additional fee for Board Vice-Chairmanship was discontinued

The compensation system for the Board of Directors does not contain any performance-related components.

Compensation awarded in 2019

The compensation awarded to the Board of Directors for the period from the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2018 to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting 2019 is within the limits approved by the shareholders:

Compensation period


Amount approved


Effective amount



CHF 3'750'000 1


CHF 2'540'000 2



CHF 3'750'000 1


n/a 3

1 Based on a share value of CHF 1'600.00

2 Based on a share value of CHF 786.50 for the period in 2018 and CHF 983.00 for the period in 2019

3 Compensation period not yet completed; a conclusive assessment will be provided in the Compensation Report 2020

Compensation for the Executive Committee

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Compensation elements








Performance measure

Fixed compensation









Fixed base salary


Pay for the function






Skills, experience and individual performance



Ensure protection against risks such as death, disability and old age







Variable compensation









Short-term incentive (STI)


Pay for annual performance based on GF strategic targets






Organic sales growth EBIT margin ROIC Individual objectives

Long-term incentive (LTI)


Pay for long-term performance Align with shareholders' interests and GF’s strategy Participate in long-term success of the company


Performance shares


3-year vesting + additional 2-year blocking



Performance in 2019

Increased targets and a lower financial performance of the Corporation and the divisions in 2019 compared to 2018 resulted in a lower STI payout:



2019 STI payout



89% of target; 59% of maximum



64% - 130% of target; 43% - 86% of maximum

Compensation awarded for 2019

The compensation awarded to the Executive Committee (including CEO) for 2019 is within the limits approved by the shareholders at the 2018 Annual Shareholders' Meeting:

Compensation period


Amount approved


Effective amount



CHF 10'531'000


CHF 7'488'000

CEO Compensation for 2019

Amounts in CHF 1’000

Executive Committee Compensation for 2019

Amounts in CHF 1’000

Compensation principles

The compensation policy applicable to the Executive Committee is designed to attract, motivate, and retain talented individuals, along the following principles:

Compensation governance

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