Going Forward

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Going Forward

Join us on a journey that began in 1802 – find out how we become better every day, creating value for our customers, for our people, for our society.

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Highlights 2021

In 2021, the first year of the new strategy cycle, the company continued to successfully blend innovation and sustainability thanks to the contribution of its employees and strong collaboration with suppliers, customers, and business partners.

Sustainability at the heart of GF’s business

Sustainability is an integral part of GF’s culture and business. Of GF’s products and solutions, 60% deliver a social or environmental benefit, helping customers all over the world to move towards a more sustainable future.

Our employees

Turning crises into strengths: in the reporting year, GF employees demonstrated a renewed spirit of collaboration, all while dealing with the ongoing challenges of COVID-19. “Going Forward” is designed to unite employees across all levels, fostering new approaches for successful cooperation within GF, while supporting individual professional growth.

Compensation Report

Introduction by the Chairwoman of the Compensation Committee