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Compensation Report


The Compensation Report provides information about the compensation policy, the compensation programs, and the process of determination of compensation applicable to the Board of Directors and to the Executive Committee of GF. It also includes details on the compensation payments related to the 2021 business year.

This report is written in accordance with the Swiss Ordinance against excessive pay in stock exchange listed companies, the standards related to information on Corporate Governance issued by the SIX Swiss Exchange, and the principles of the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance of Economiesuisse.

The Compensation Report is structured as follows:

Compensation governance

Rules relating to compensation in the Articles of Association

Compensation Committee

Levels of authority

Method used to determine compensation

Compensation structure

Compensation of the Board of Directors

Compensation principles

Compensation model

Shareholding ownership guideline

Compensation of the Executive Committee

Compensation principles

Compensation model

Compensation mix and caps

Fixed base salary

Short-term incentive

Long-term incentive (share-based compensation)

Clawback and malus provisions


Contractual terms

Shareholding ownership guideline

Compensation for the financial year 2021

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Performance in 2021

Shareholdings of the Members of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee

Loans to members of the governing bodies

Report of the statutory auditor to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting