Strategy 2025: Roll-out activities in the first year of the cycle

GF’s Strategy 2025 builds on the promising path pursued over the last five years and addresses profitable growth, portfolio resilience, and a “go for the full potential” spirit within the organization. This is in line with GF’s overall strategic objective to grow through superior customer value and its vision to be a sustainability and innovation leader. In November, the GF Culture Movement was launched to support the Strategy 2025. Here is a summary of the roll-out activities of the three GF divisions in 2021.

GF Culture Movement: How to create a winning culture

With the biggest event of its history, GF kicked off its Culture Movement on 29 November. More than 3’000 employees joined the hybrid session to find out how to bring the GF values to life. The three new GF values were unveiled earlier in the year, together with the new Strategy 2025. With the official launch of the GF Culture Movement, GF has started to delve deeper into how to embed these values in day-to-day life and how to take concrete steps to shape a new culture.

GF Piping Systems: Creating connections for life

GF Piping Systems introduced its strategy via a series of digital events and town halls with a clear message centered around high-value solutions, increased customer proximity in key global industries, and a strengthened global footprint. These elements have already contributed to the division’s success in many market segments and territories. Microelectronics, data center, and water treatment customers worldwide can now access GF Piping System’s newly expanded global fabrication network and overcome challenges such as a shortage of skilled labor and demanding project timelines. The Flow to the Future digital event introduced attendees to the latest process automation technology, and regional markets identified as having potential for acceleration are on track for expanded market presence.


GF Casting Solutions: Local strategies to strengthen global objectives

GF Casting Solutions launched a series of initiatives around the world, including digital trainings on strategy roll-out and implementation, as well as on the importance of sustainability in all of the division’s strategic focus areas. All local management teams have translated the division’s strategic approach into regional roadmaps, defining the contribution of each team to the overall objectives of the division. In addition, the division launched a global initiative on operational excellence in 2021, with an analysis phase and workshops to pave the way for global implementation.


GF Machining Solutions: Increased footprint in the MedTech market

GF Machining Solutions has considerably increased its efforts in the MedTech market, with promising results. The division signed a cooperation agreement with KSF (Institute of Precision Machining KSF) (Germany) in order to work on the development of new manufacturing processes for the medical device industry. GF Machining Solutions displayed several manufacturing innovations at the EMO Milano trade fair, underscoring how the division continues to collaborate with its customers to create new solutions. These innovations combine the experience and application expertise of both parties to provide effective solutions for manufacturing success. The first Energy Efficiency Certificates were introduced for various machines to document energy savings. To reduce the organization’s carbon footprint, GF Machining Solutions is using mainly energy from natural resources. The company’s material sustainability impacts are constantly assessed based on documented evidence to improve the supply chain.