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Corporate Governance

Blackout periods

The disclosure of the Blackout Period is based on the Directive on Information relating to Corporate Governance of the SIX Exchange Regulation.

Rules apply to the trading of Georg Fischer Ltd shares by members of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and employees of the GF Corporation.

In accordance with the Code of Conduct and Corporate Instructions of the GF Corporation regarding the handling of insider information, members of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and employees who are in possession of confidential information are not permitted to carry out transactions involving shares or other financial instruments of Georg Fischer Ltd during blackout periods. There were no exceptions to this rule in the 2022 financial year.

General blackout periods start when year-end forecasts – based on November’s month-end reports – are first communicated internally and finish when the Corporate Reports are published, and when mid-year forecasts – based on May’s month-end reports – are first communicated internally through to the publication of the Mid-Year Report. In the 2022 reporting year, the blackout period for the mid-year financial statements started on 13 June and for the annual financial statements on 8 December.