Organization of GF

Georg Fischer Ltd, the Holding Company of the GF Corporation, is organized under Swiss law. It is headquartered in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), and listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

The members of the Executive Committee in the renovated GF Corporate Center that will be ready to welcome employees in May 2023: (from left) Carlos Vasto, President GF Casting Solutions; Mads Joergensen, CFO; Andreas Müller, CEO; Ivan Filisetti, President GF Machining Solutions; Joost Geginat, President GF Piping Systems

Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors are elected individually by the Annual Shareholders' Meeting for a one-year term until the next ordinary Annual Shareholders' Meeting. The Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for supervising and monitoring the management of Georg Fischer Ltd. It decides the company's strategy and organizational structure, the organization of finance and accounting, the annual budget and the investment budget. It also appoints the members of the Executive Committee, to which it transfers responsibility for the operational management of the Corporation. In accordance with the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance of economiesuisse, all eight members are non-executive and independent. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is not simultaneously the CEO.

Executive Committee

Unless specified otherwise by law or in the Articles of Association of Georg Fischer AG, the Board of Directors delegates responsibility for the operational management of the Corporation to the CEO, who is supported in this task by the Executive Committee. The extent to which competencies are delegated by the Board of Directors to the Executive Committee and the nature of the cooperation between the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are defined by the Organization and Business Rules. Under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Executive Committee addresses all issues of relevance to the Corporation, takes decisions within its remit and submits proposals to the Board of Directors.

Corporate structure

The GF Corporation is organized in the three divisions GF Piping Systems, GF Casting Solutions and GF Machining Solutions, and the two Corporate Staff Units Finance & Controlling and Corporate Development. The Presidents of the divisions and the Corporate Staff Units are responsible for managing their businesses and for achieving their business objectives.

Corporate Center

The CEO and the CFO form the management of the Corporate Center. Strategically important competencies and information are shared and made available at this level. The Corporate Center is closely involved in management, planning, IT, communications, finance, management development and corporate culture. The Corporate Center also ensures that sustainability, governance, risk management and compliance practices meet the requirements of the owners and the public, and it supports the Board of Directors in meeting its responsibilities.

Finance, Controlling and Sustainability

Finance & Controlling uses state-of-the-art information systems to ensure the time-critical financial management of the Corporation. A standardized system of financial reporting is used across the entire Corporation, guaranteeing immediate and complete transparency. Currency, interest rate and credit risks are monitored and managed at Corporation level. GF considers sustainability to be a key element in both its strategy and its business activities. An integral part of this Corporate staff's responsibilities is the active management of the Corporation in order to meet the ambitious sustainability goals defined in the Strategy 2025.

Corporate values and management development

The sustainable overall development of the Corporation is supported by shared corporate values. These are enshrined in the Code of Conduct and are becoming increasingly important with the spread of globalization. Great importance is also attached to internal training, talent management and to selecting the best possible people for management positions. Up to 70% of all Senior Management positions are filled with internal candidates.


GF is a strong brand that has been built and strengthened consistently over many years. The Corporation builds confidence in its products and services through open and active communication with customers, employees, the media, analysts, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Corporate values

The sustainable development of the Corporation is supported by shared corporate values. These are enshrined in the Code of Conduct and are becoming increasingly important with the spread of globalization.

Corporate governance

For detailed information on corporate governance, see the Corporate Governance Report.

GF organization structure

As of 1 January 2023