Our Forward Stories

Read about how GF is having a positive impact and responding to an ever-evolving landscape by developing innovative solutions to address global challenges.

Why do we innovate?

The world is facing many challenges. Climate change, water scarcity and the European energy crisis have a big impact on our everyday lives. Thanks to advances in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries and growing health awareness, people are living longer. Solutions for the responsible use of our scarce natural resources are key to meeting the challenges ahead of us. As a technology company with a learning culture, GF is called upon to develop sustainable and smart solutions that can add quality to people's lives.

The GF Strategy 2025 sets the course for how GF develops some of these solutions today and in the coming years. The Forward journey has begun.

For this report, we have identified three areas where we can showcase GF's global contribution: urbanization, with a focus on ensuring the supply of safe water; sustainable mobility with lightweight solutions for passenger cars; and food safety and packaging, with the goal of making food last longer and increasing efficiency in food production.

Read about how we keep Going Forward where it really matters.


More and more people are converging on urban areas, and the need for better and energy-efficient infrastructure is increasing: That is why GF Piping Systems is helping its Belgian customer Ekopak build containerized systems for decentralized water treatment.

Sustainable mobility

People are on the move. But what about the impact that transportation has on the environment? The R&D departments of GF Casting Solutions and BMW in Germany are working closely together on new approaches for the efficient production of light car bodies.

Food safety and packaging

Sustainable food packaging is key to ensuring a stable food supply for growing populations. GF Machining Solutions' ultra-precision machine tools support Swiss-based Berhalter produce cost-efficient packaging with new materials.