Sustainability key figures 2022

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The presented Sustainability key figures follow the targets of GF's Sustainability Framework 2025 which is an integral part of the strategy 2025.

Product portfolio

Sales with social or environmental benefits
% of total sales

2022 sales with social or environmental benefits
in CHF million

Climate and resources1

CO2e emissions (scope 1 and 2)
in 1’000 tonnes

Unrecycled waste intensity index
(unrecycled waste per production volume) in %

Water intensity index
(water consumption per production volume) in %

Conducted sustainability assessments of key suppliers
in % of procurement spend

People and well-being

Newly appointed women managers
in %

Accident rate as lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR)2
per million hours worked

1 In order to report data in time for the publication of the 2022 Sustainability Report, data for environmental figures are actuals for the period from January to September, where available from January to October, and forecasted for the remaining period from October/November to December 2022. Further information on the forecasting methodology is available in the Reporting approach.
2 In 2022, following GF's target calculation approach four GF companies were newly added to the sustainability targets 2025. The change of scope in reporting was only visible in the baseline of the accident rate target and therefore the target and the baseline was adjusted. Further details are available: Reporting approach