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Environment, Social & Governance

As an integral part of the GF business and corporate culture, sustainability is a core focus for the company throughout its entire organization. The GF Sustainability Framework 2025 focuses on three main areas: Product portfolio, Climate & resources, and People & well-being. This clear long-term ambition is supported by eight quantitative targets. By 2025, GF aims to become a sustainability leader by:

  • offering high-value sustainable products and solutions

  • driving circular economy

  • fostering a diverse, engaging and safe working environment

  • collaborating with stakeholders along the value chain

Environment: Climate and resources

Environmental sustainability is integral to GF’s long-term strategy. In developing its products and solutions, the company continually seeks ways to decrease its consumption of energy, water and natural resources to lower its GHG emissions, decrease its waste production and limit its impact on the communities where it does business. The company’s leadership team prioritizes investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency to decrease its Scope 1 and 2 emissions and supports its suppliers in advancing their own decarbonization initiatives to reduce Scope 3 emissions. These commitments underpin GF’s roadmap to achieve its science-based targets and are laying the groundwork for the company’s path to net zero. GF is also leading the way in advancing the principles of a circular economy by continually seeking more sustainable materials to incorporate into its products and new ways to reuse or recycle manufacturing materials. Through its responsible, science-based and transparent approach to decreasing its impacts, GF is working to inspire change across its industry, serving as a role model for corporate climate action and helping create a sustainable, resilient future for all. 

Social: People and well-being

To be a sustainable organization, GF is committed to helping its employees and the communities where it operates build healthy, equitable and resilient futures. It has developed programs and policies that promote safety and well-being, ensuring that everyone takes responsibility for reducing risk in the workplace. It has also crafted a DEI-focused culture of belonging that allows everyone to bring their authentic selves to work, recognizing the vital importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. As this workforce is key to GF’s success, the company is unwavering in its commitment to employee development and advancement, ensuring that equal opportunity and growth are accessible to all. Lastly, GF recognizes that respecting and supporting the communities where it operates and sources materials is essential. It assumes this responsibility by upholding human rights across its supply chain and offering resources for critical humanitarian projects around the world through its GF Water Foundation. Through these efforts, GF strives to be a fair and attractive employer, and build a team that will support its goals, future growth and the betterment of our global community. 


Centering business activities and culture on sustainability requires GF to take a diligent and transparent approach to its governance. Through its Board of Directors and executive and divisional leadership team, GF’s governance structure tracks progress on environmental and social goals, measuring them against targets and ensuring alignment with relevant global standards, laws, and regulations. It ensures productive and consistent engagement across its wide range of stakeholders, keeping them informed and aligned on the company’s strategy and performance, and continually evaluates its operations to improve oversight and ensure alignment with ethical and compliant business practices. Its governance also oversees the company’s supply chain operations to be certain that suppliers uphold the same values and principles, including adherence to internationally recognized human rights. Perhaps most critically, GF’s governance ensures that the company remains focused on the material topics most crucial to its success. 

Respectful and responsible governance – in both the physical and digital spheres – underpin GF’s sustainable operations and future growth. 


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