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A shared corporate culture is key to ensuring GF’s sustainable development and is becoming increasingly important as the company grows and extends its footprint around the globe. Knowing what GF stands for – namely supporting and inspiring each other, being curious about new ideas, developing creative solutions together and implementing them successfully for customers, employees, as well as investors – form the backbone of GF’s implementation of Strategy 2025. 

GF employees want to build on the company’s over 200-year success story and be part of a corporate culture that is capable of addressing current and future challenges. Continuously improving products and processes, and strengthening employees’ skills play a decisive role in this. 

GF’s corporate culture is built on three core values that support the creation of a team-oriented, open and motivating working environment: 

  • Caring is about being part of a team. 

  • Learning is about having an open mind. 

  • Performance is about speed and excellence. 


Diversity and Inclusion

GF is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in a variety of ways to achieve the best work environment globally. The company fosters collaboration and respect, regardless of ethnic background, age, gender or personal beliefs, which is a prerequisite for tapping into the full potential of people and increasing our innovation power. In October 2023, the first standardized worldwide employee engagement survey was conducted to determine how employees rate their working environment in terms of diversity and inclusion, and how committed they are to the company. The survey shows how strongly employees identify with GF, how valued they feel in their work environment, how they see their access to personal development opportunities and how likely they are to recommend GF as an employer.

Here’s what some employees say about the GF’s corporate culture: 

“Starting to work at GF was the beginning of something new and amazing for me. It gave me the opportunity to break free of norms and explore new horizons involving innovation, creativity and mental fortitude. This spirit drives me to look beyond the ordinary and brings out the best in me.”

Adrian Burlacu,
Quality Controller, GF Casting Solutions, Romania 

“I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with my new colleagues. Looking forward to projects going on at global level at GF, which are even bigger than what we have been doing at Uponor, it will be very exciting.”

Pontus von Schoultz,
Director, IT Enterprise Architecture and Digitalization, GF Uponor, Finland 

“It is exciting to be part of this new chapter in the company history and to become a part of the GF Family.”

Malin Segerberg,
warehouse worker, Supply Chain, GF Uponor, Sweden 

“We see ourselves as people with different characters and everyone contributes in whichever way they can.”

Domingo Balangue,
Production Supervisor, GF Machining Solutions, US 

“Discovering new things and adapting and growing personally are important aspects of my job at GF.”

Marco Lirsch,
Sales Engineer, GF Machining Solutions, Germany

“I don’t stop learning and I constantly work to expand my know-how, because I know I am only at the beginning of an amazing journey.”

Viviane Marques,
Business Development, GF Piping Systems, Brazil 

“All colleagues around the world have each other’s backs and care about each other.” 

Hannelore Watelle,
Account Manager, GF Piping Systems, Belgium 

“We have a great culture. If anyone has a good idea, they are given all the freedom to implement it.” 

Simone Beutel,
Head Global Business Development, GF Piping Systems, Switzerland 

“What I appreciate about working at GF is that we have an open mind about new things and that we care and support each other in our team. The GF values help me to achieve a better performance.”

Jannik Zhong,
Account Manager, GF Casting Solutions, China 

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